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ACO and AIT-Dialog have been successfully launching a virtual tour of the world's seven continents inviting architects, urban planners, engineers and landscape architects to become part of " | architecture across continents".

Internationally renowned architects and other experts present inspiring projects of different scales facing new conditions in urban environments and rural areas. With respect to the context, they respond innovatively, experimentally and sustainably at the global and local level to the consequences of change as well as to extreme challenges on site. Join us on this trip around the world!

If you are interested to join our third live event this year on 7 October 2021, please click here in order to register for it now. Look forward to exciting topics and interesting lectures from international speakers. More information about the event will follow shortly and will be published on this website.

Keynote Speakers (June 10, 2021)

We are honored to announce Marina Tabassum from Dhaka/Bangladesh, Simón Vélez from Bogotá/Colombia and David Černý & Marcel Soural from Prague/Czech Republic as our keynote-speakers. Register now to follow their inspiring lectures!

Simón Vélez
Simón Vélez | Colombia

Learn more about the stunning projects of the prize winning Colombian architect Simón Vélez who is famous for his innovative use of bamboo, the so called "natural steel", as an essential building component.

Lecture: Tropical Design - Crafting Buildings

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Marina Tabassum
Marina Tabassum Architects | Bangladesh

The work of the award-winning architect Marina Tabassum is characterized by a strong connection to the country's culture and history as well as the use of traditional building materials that are adapted to the regional climate.

Lecture: Architecture Beyond Architecture

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ACO On Site | Fragment
David Černý & Marcel Soural | Prague | Czech Republic

Artist David Černý and Developer Marcel Soural have teamed up to create courageous architecture that is shaping Prague in a new modern way. They will give us personal insights to how they approach the challenges and opportunities of these times together.

Fragment | Rental Housing in Karlín

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Kristina Bacht

"The interplay of architecture and its context inspire me. In connection with current challenges, exciting questions arise for the future of building culture." (K. Bacht, AIT-Dialog)

  • After studying architecture and urban planning in the Netherlands and Chile, as well as working in various international architecture offices in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands, Kristina Bacht focusses on the mediation of architecture and related disciplines on a global and local level.
  • As curator, author, moderator and juror of numerous exhibitions, publications, congresses, conferences and workshops, as well as publishing director of AIT-Dialog with its own architecture galleries in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, Kristina Bacht is a well-connected and well-known personality in the architecture scene.

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Thomas Bendixen

"Changing environmental influences present architects and the building industry with complex challenges. The event series gives us the chance to take a glimpse at future demands together thus be able to approach them now." (T. Bendixen, ACO)

  • Internationality is a central factor in Thomas Bendixen's life. After studying in the USA and Denmark, he has worked more than 20 years in market leading companies in the building material industry under Danish, German or French ownership.
  • As member of the Group management of ACO and CEO of the German business division, Thomas Bendixen takes a central role in the future-oriented change of our environment and understands how to motivate employees to drive this change as well as innovation.

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Event schedule

17:00 | Welcome

17:10 | Keynote 1: Simón Vélez | Bogotá, Colombia

17:30 | Q&A

17:40 | Keynote 2: Marina Tabassum | Dhaka, Bangladesh

18:00 | Q&A

18:10 | ACO on site: Fragment Prague | David Černý & Marcel Soural

18:20 | Dialogue with all speakers

18:30 | Conclusion

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