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ACO. we care for water
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Family enterprise ACO

ACO's roots go back to the 1800s. The Ahlmann family made a name for itself with Schleswig-Holstein's first industrial enterprise, the Carlshütte iron foundry in Büdelsdorf, which was founded in 1827.

The ACO Group is a global family business that is one of the world market leaders in the Water-Tech segment. With the ACO WaterCycle, ACO provides systems that collect and channel, clean, retain and ultimately reuse water. In this way, ACO contributes to the preservation of clean groundwater as a vital resource, and makes a contribution to tomorrow’s world.

Founded in Schleswig-Holstein in 1946, it operates as a transnational network in over 50 countries. Worldwide, ACO is characterised by a high level of decentralised ownership, and explicit regional market proximity.

The present and future of the ACO Group are represented by Hans-Julius Ahlmannand his son Iver, who officially joined the management of ACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KG as managing partner in 2012. In doing so, Iver Ahlmann assumes entrepreneurial responsibility and carries ACO's identity as a family business into the future.

In addition, the family is involved in cultural activities. Launched in 1999, the NordArt exhibition on the company's premises is one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Northern Europe.

ACO sales companies in Germany

The ACO brand worldwide stands for the uncompromising quality and performance commitment of the ACO Group. Part of our strategy is to bundle all of the core business activities involved in drainage within one strong and dependable brand. Nevertheless, our distribution and service organisations focus on the specific needs of the specialists working for our clients.

With durable product systems for gardening and landscaping, civil engineering and cellars, we ensure that rainwater is drained and cleaned as well as stored and reused. In this way, we ensure a sustainable cycle of the valuable resource water. We develop our solutions along the entire ACO WaterCycle and thus stand for intelligent and future-oriented drainage systems.


The sensitive handling of water in cities and gardens is an important topic for the future and functioning drainage systems are indispensable. ACO plays a part in the creation of modern and sustainable architecture thanks to its protective construction elements and drainage systems for private and commercial construction projects –specifically for house, cellar and garden components.

With the highest standards of functionality and design, the construction systems provide solutions along the whole ACO WaterCycle. They collect water, release it in a controlled way, at the same time as effectively protecting cellars against the penetration of water.

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Whether road drainage, separators or rainwater management. ACO civil engineering systems are used in a variety of ways and ensure protection and safety for people, buildings and traffic routes. The innovative technologies are designed to meet the increased demands of tomorrow: growing traffic volumes, changing environmental conditions, responsible use of water and overall cost-effectiveness.

In the ACO WaterCycle, the solutions collect surface water from roads and open spaces, and clean the water as required. The water is then stored and released in a controlled way to ensure that it returns to the water cycle in a form that can be re-used.

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In its Building Services Division, ACO combines drainage elements to create sustainable solutions for private homes and office buildings, as well as for industrial kitchens, hotels and commercial property.

Every part of the ACO WaterCycle is covered. The Building Services products collect the water from flat roofs, paved areas and bathrooms, and clean it as required depending on the level of water contamination. They also provide backflow protection and ensure the controlled release of water from buildings.

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ACO worldwide

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The ACO Group is represented with branches and production sites in more than 40 countries. Our local representatives are looking forward to assisting you with your inquiries.

ACO WaterCycle - drainage solutions for tomorrow's environmental conditions

As a water-tech company, ACO uses durable product systems and smart technologies to ensure that rainwater and wastewater are drained and cleaned as well as stored and reused. In this way, the company ensures a sustainable cycle of the valuable resource water.

We are happy to make our comprehensive expert knowledge available to our partners in trade, architecture, planning and crafts. In this way, we not only make their day-to-day work easier, but also ensure the quality and competitive edge of ACO solutions in the long term.