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ACO and AIT-Dialog jointly invite you to the new virtual event series " - architecture across continents", which focuses on responsible architecture in times of global change and changing conditions as well as climatic challenges.

Renowned architects from all over the world will discuss various topics with one another and examine the subject from ecological, social, societal and economic perspectives.

Under the motto "beyond", we ask the question: What does responsible planning of tomorrow's architecture and citys look like, breaking new ground beyond standards and norms as well as common building techniques and materials? The task of current architecture, urban planning and the built environment in urban and rural areas is to respond flexibly to the changing demands both on the part of users and in relation to their environment, and to open up new possibilities of use through transformation beyond the original function. The focus is on buildings that do "more" beyond aesthetic demands and functional criteria; integrate expandable functional possibilities; relate to and fit into their context in the sense of responsive architecture; are attuned to social and climatic conditions; and are built under fair working conditions and with a sense of social responsibility.

In two keynote speeches architects will present forward-looking construction projects that respond innovatively, experimentally and sustainably at the global and local level to the consequences of change as well as to extreme conditions on site, focusing on the responsible use of resources and incorporating local construction techniques and building materials.

Under the motto "ACO on site", we take you virtually to extraordinary construction sites around the world, showing construction projects under extreme conditions. The focus is on topics that ACO has set itself as a goal, such as groundwater protection, water management, innovative ways to holistic stormwater and drainage management, and support for the natural water cycle. In an on-site discussion, architects, developers and ACO representatives will shed light on the project.

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