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AIT-Dialog is the brand of GKT, which – like Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch GmbH (VAK) – belongs to the Weinbrenner publishing group, a company now in its fourth generation. The aim is to establish contacts and intensive relationships between partners from the industry and architects/interior designers as well as decision-makers in the contract segment.

AIT-Dialog conceives and organises architectural congresses and symposia, competitions, workshops and explorations, editorial events, roadshows, focus groups, and exhibitions worldwide. In addition, the corporate publishing division currently issues four architecture magazines in various languages and produces numerous architecture books and publications.


Since 2009, AIT-Dialog has been operating galleries in Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich – the AIT ArchitekturSalons, which deal with issues of building culture and design – ranging from urban planning, architecture, and interior design to construction-related product design. In order to pass on the passion for architecture in a vivid way, a diverse mixture of different aspects of the building sector is presented in changing exhibitions: numerous themed and group exhibitions as well as extensive work shows by established, international architecture firms and presentations by the young generation that will determine the building sector in the future.


Founded 125 years ago, Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch (VAK) is one of Germany's most renowned publishing houses specialising in architecture. In addition to its flagship, the AIT interior design magazine, VAK has also produced a building construction magazine since the 1990s: xia Intelligente Architektur.

AIT Architektur Innenarchitektur Technischer Ausbau / Architecture Interior Design Technical Solutions
Published since 1890, the AIT magazine is known as a brand in the international architecture scene, and as a specialist medium it has received several awards. Ten bilingual issues (German / English) are published every year, each focusing on a particular type of building project.


In four issues per year - sorted according to the elements fire, water, earth and air - the architecture magazine xia deals with all aspects of contemporary building - from the counter to the city. Agile and internationally oriented, bilingual and graphically appealing, xia shows how architecture for the 21st century can succeed by means of current, outstanding projects in terms of design, structural engineering and construction.