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Keynote speaker: Manal Rachdi

Oxo Architectes
France | Montreuil

Manal Rachdi was born in 1978 in Morocco. From 1999 to 2005 he studied architecture and urbanism at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes, FR. After graduating, he founded the architecture firm Off architecture in Paris together with Tanguy Vermet in 2006, from which he left in 2010.

Already in 2013 he founded his own office in Montreuil, FR with OXO Architectes. Manal Rachdi was able to combine in architecture his childhood dream of living in the forest with his passion for drawing: All his projects integrate large natural areas - terraces, indoor forests, green walls - to (re)introduce a piece of nature into cities.

Manal Rachdi embodies this young generation of architects who dare to disrupt the established order and combine strategic analysis, witty experimentation, social responsibility and humor in their work. His powerful and sensitive architectures propose new urban experiences and reflections on the living space of tomorrow. He uses nature and plants as materials and designs exceptional projects such as the residential tower "Arbre Blanc" in Montpellier with Sou Fujimoto and NLA Paris, FR, Balcon sur Paris, Villiers, FR with Kengo Kuma & Associates, XTU Architects, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Michael Green Architecture and KOZ Architectes or the project Ecotone Antibes, FR with Atelier Jean Nouvel and l'agence Foussat Bapt.

In 2007, Manal Rachdi was an assistant professor at the Versailles School of Architecture.

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