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Keynote speaker: Sinus Lynge

Denmark | Copenhagen

Sinus Lynge studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen, DK. Together with Tue Foged, he founded the architecture firm EFFEKT in Copenhagen, DK in 2007. EFFEKT is the Danish word for impact. It is a collaborative operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and research and currently employ 60 full-time staff.

EFFEKT's projects focus on social cohesion and vibrant city life, as well as smart solutions for energy consumption and sustainability. In no small part due to Sinus Lynge, the firm takes an empathetic and responsive approach to architecture that combines thorough analysis with playful design thinking. This is exemplified by a number of award-winning projects in architecture, urban design, and research.

For example, the latest successful projects include the concept for the Urban Villages Project - a new visionary model for the development of sustainable, affordable and livable housing in cities around the world. Similarly, the concept for ReGen Villages represents a pioneering model for the development of off-grid, integrated and resilient ecovillages that can independently power and feed families around the world. The project was first presented at the Biennale di Venezia in 2016 and gained wide international recognition.

Under the title EGO TO ECO, EFFEKT is also exhibited in the current Biennale di Venezia. The projects creates a fictional landscape of 1,200 living trees controlled remotely from denmark. The forest surrounds seven of EFFEKT’s projects, which help form a fictional landscape of living trees. „Our installation in venice showcases a series of ideas, concepts, strategies and designs for living and building, for producing, consuming and revitalizing the ecosystems we are part of and depend upon.“

In August 2021, EFFEKT has won a competition to design new headquarters for German publishing house Kieler Nachrichten in Kiel. Named KielHöfe, the 11,000-square-metre mixed-use building, will largely transform existing buildings with new spaces and will be built from timber.

In the fall 2019 semester, Sine Lynge taught a sustainable design course at the University of Washington.

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