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Chiel Lansink | IAA Architecten
Amsterdam/Enschede | Netherlands

Chiel Lansink grew up in the east of the Netherlands, studied urbanism in Rotterdam and worked in Rotterdam at studio Marco Vermeulen for several years, an office known for their research by design on rural metabolism, natural living landscapes and sustainable wooden architecture. After several years of research he shifted his focus to implementing this knowledge by working at IAA Architecten for the past 5 years.

IAA is a full-service architecture office known for the design and engineering from architectural detail to large scale urban frameworks. In this office Chiel is responsible for several urban frameworks and climate adaptive public space designs as urban designer.

One of these public spaces is the Raalte square where a large and anonymous square is transformed into different smaller squares which are connected by a gutter that forms a climate adaptive base line both spatial, cultural and technical.